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Welcome to the Measurement and Evaluation class (Kin 175) in the Kinesiology Department at San Jose State University! It's a great course for developing the skills needed for competent data-based decision making. Less than a generation ago the analytical work in a course such as this was done by hand or in the more recent past, with a calculator. With the widespread availability of user-friendly software and hardware this course has evolved to the point where the analytical component is primarily handled with software so that focus can shift to application and synthesis of the data produced. To keep a connection to the past (there is great value in understanding the mechanics), a mechanics section of this site provides the formulas for those with an interest in and aptitude for the hands-on work.


United Nations Designated 10/20/2010 World Statistics Day.

The World Statistics Day (20 October 2010) logo is a stylized statistical chart encircled by five coloured wreaths symbolizing a dynamic, fast changing world as represented by the five continents.

The three blue and green bars at the center represent the three core principles of official statistics: Service, Professionalism and Integrity. Together and intertwined, they lay a strong foundation for the national and global statistical system.